Life Builders International.

At Life Builders we are focusing on feeding the mind, body and soul of each individual we help.  We not only provide meals to widows and orphans, we are teaching needed skills and nurturing their souls; teaching people to live rightly with Godly principles.  In order to continue this ministry, extend our reach across Guatemala and expand our programs, Life Builders International is building a feeding center.  We need $200,000 to cover the cost of this much needed center that will distribute food, firewood, medicine and Bibles and teach the life skills people need to provide for their families.  When fully operational, we will be able to reach the entire country from this location, however sustaining these programs requires a monthly budget of $10,000.

How can you help?  – Bless day

Consider that Americans will spend an estimated $70 Billion in online and retail shopping Black Friday to Cyber Monday. That means the average American will spend $743.  How will that $743 you spend change a life? Let’s take some of that to help others enjoy life even as God allows us to enjoy it as well. Turn this Black Friday into a Blessed Friday by giving hope to many by coming alongside Life Builders International and helping to financially support the mission. The Bible says that if you give a cup of water in the name of the Lord it is the same as giving it to God. Let’s give buckets full this year and make it a Blessed day!

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