The best mom you can have is a one that wants to take care of you. My grandma was divorced because my grandpa was shot in the head during World War II and he went crazy. I also came from a broken home as my dad left when I was only five. My mom struggled to work and take care of my brother and me. It was very hard for her and us. I remember one time my grandma was watching us and she asked to borrow $1.60 from me to buy us ice cream for all of us. I opened up my piggy bank and lent her the money. I was just a kid, so I was embarrassed to ask her again for the money. I always thought she was embarrassed that she did not have the money to repay me. She never offered to repay me and I never asked. 

This is probably the reason it touches my heart to care for widows taking care of their Grand kids. The widows and orphans program gives eggs to widows so that they do not need to send their Grand kids to an orphanage. The majority of the widows in this area care for their grandchildren as their parents died in Hurricane Stan or have gone away to work. We do not sell anything at the feeding center, but 100% goes to help Widows and orphans. This gives widows the opportunity to care for their grandchildren and keep the family functional and whole. This distribution was 390 eggs. God has more in store as we are growing this program to 300 chickens.

A high priority to God is taking care of widows and orphans. James 1:27 talks about taking care of widows and orphans being true Christianity.13308209_1021235707924112_7822843701172785818_o 13340183_1021235717924111_4657709315497263698_o

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