Rallying call to all supporters

I am bringing a 12 passenger van totally loaded with ministry supplies down from Minnesota with a bobcat that we desperately need for the feeding center. We have a group of 12 staying with us for two months helping our ministry and another. They will need our van to go into a high risk neighborhood in Zone 18. They are doing what I have been preaching for years. “If you want to make the greatest difference; you must go where the greatest needs are.” Our goal is to load up the van with supplies that we need. I have already bought my ticket for Dec. 6th and have a volunteer who is driving with me so it only takes 5 days instead of 7 days to drive to Guatemala.

Our list of items needed are:
Chicken plucker machine since we have 540 chickens for eggs and we need another food source for the widows. 20 seconds with machine and 2 hours by hand
http://www.ebay.com/…/New-Chicken-Plucker-Mac…/262703975750… $520
Plate compactor or dirt compactor $700 for building warehouse at feeding center
Trencher for running water tubing for the avocado trees that provide Omega 3 in the widow and orphan’s diets
Stump grinder for when we harvest the trees for firewood for the widows
Tires for Bobcat $810
Flywheel $100 used
Muffler Bobcat $44
Wheel seals (2) $116
Bearing cup (2) $62
Nair ministry pickup supplies $150
Fuel pump Bobcat ? estimated $200
Bendix Zenith Carburetor Price ? $400
Motorola alternator? $170
Tolls $350
Gas to get to Guatemala $1,000
Permits $600
Importation of van $1,200
Importation of ministry supplies 15% of value, but way cheaper than other options, Approximately $350
importation of Bobcat $250
Someone to help the mechanic in Prior lake, MN get the Bobcat ready
Someone to drive to pick up items purchased or donated. Send me an email

So adding up estimated costs it will be $6,322 that we need to find or buy. If anyone has any of these items used we would gladly accept them.

Running a ministry can be overwhelming at times and we really need your help in times like this.

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