One life could be the one that brings transformation

A lot is going on. We are trying to get things stabilized and are looking for one year volunteers. We have up and downs on the mission field. Here we are at 775 bags of Christian material that is being sent to an are that murders Christians. The Chickens are being raised for eggs and meat that widows and orphans would starve to death if we were not helping. We just keep plugging along and it all seems to work out in the end. Shortly I am bringing ministry supplies down for the year and need about $6,000 for the trip and buying supplies. We are bringing A 12 passenger van filled with supplies for a group of 10 that are staying with us for 2 months, a skid steer and much equipment that is needed for building the feeding center.  This is a small sector of the world impact that this ministry is making. We still need more people to respond.

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