And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


Merry Christmas 2016

What a year! We are so thankful for God’s mercy and grace that he extends to us daily!

We have been so excited to see the feeding center explode with Chickens! Last January we picked up and cared for 100 chicks. They all grew up and started producing eggs. Later on in the year we ordered 200 more chicks and then 300 more. The main thing lacking in widows and orphan’s diet is protein. So this program will be expanded to provide meat for the widows and orphans.  With much blessing comes greater responsibility. Now we have to feed them.  Life Builders is now helping widows in two villages with eggs, vegetables, and fire wood. We are a blessing unto the entire nation giving over 395,000 meals since 2009 including helping another Guatemalan open his own feeding center.  We love being God’s hands and seeing how God takes care and loves widows and orphans!

Life Builders hosts “Packing Parties for Bibles and Christian material”! We’ve had lots of people help us with creating love packs for the persecuted Christians in Chiapas Mexico. So far we have delivered 800 bags that weigh 35 pounds each. Each bag has a value of $300. Our prayer is to encourage and bless our brothers in Chiapas.

This last year Jason kept busy with teams that came down from the United States, continued making a transformational difference in peoples lives with helping develop new ministries. Jason and the teams traveled all over the country, preaching, praying for the sick, and praying for those in prison and prostitute houses. This last trip that the video shows of one person on a mission trip. Jason had a drunk guy come up to him for money. Jason told him no, but I’ll pray for you. The drunk guy totally cried out to God, balled like a baby , and  accepted Jesus into his heart. Another drunk guy came over and said pray for me too. The same thing happened to him. The power of God came on him in repentance and he gave his heart to the Lord.

We also did evangelism at the Oshkosh airshow this last July. It was a huge success. We were able to bring the whole family to share about Christ. The kids are now in 3rd, 4th and 6th grades.  Zach and KayLee are the social butterflies and are always ready for a party, Seth is a deep thinker and full of questions. Tressa is volunteer teaching English 9, 11, and AP English 12. Two students are new to her classes so it’s been a lot of extra work as she figures out the new curriculum. All our kids are at the missionary kid school.

Life Builders is expanding the feeding center in order to reach more people. We are really looking for one year commitments to help us out with a lot of hard work that brings blessings to thousands.

We pray you have a Merry Christmas full of the presence of God and that your year 2017 is blessed with health and the joy of the Lord!

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