Saving lives is what we are about

I remember the first time that I saved people lives. I landed the airplane and 100 people ran to the airplane for just a chance of food . That month at least 4,000 people would have died if humanitarian aid had not come through and we direct ly save at tleast a 100. I remember the first time 100’s of people received Christ saving there spiritual life all at one time where 1500 people came to the conference. People are the most important resource in this world. If you look at what Jesus said, “He said love God and love your neighbor as you self. Not all of life is natural, but also life is spiritual. We at Life Builders international help the body, soul, and mind. Sometimes we are teaching basic nutrition, hygiene, and People are a primary concern of God.

Last week we qave out 120 Bibles, 800 pounds of Christian material, preached twice, had a pastors conference, Took care of some widows and orphans, fixed some things at the feeding center, and did the annual inspection on our airplane.

Each person does their part to make a difference. We need your participation as we are building a feeding center and maintaining the help that we are helping others.

Here is last weeks mission

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