And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


Good News

Dear Friends And Family,

Good news.The last month we have fed at least 5,000 meals to various people. And at the feeding center we got more work done in two weekends than two months by hand by using a tractor that was donated. We just got back and it was a lot of hard work and It was amazing at how much the feeding center grew by having the right tools. The widows and orphans literally die if we do not take care of them. We have been growing for 11 years on the mission field. The last two weeks I also spoke in two different poor churches in Guatemala about the kingdom of God. They were small, but it was great sharing about Jesus.This Saturday I am speaking at an all night prayer vigil. Right now is the planting season so it is important that we get the land cleared and planted.

My cousin´s son went with me to farm the land. We took the truck because the airplane is broken down. The brakes need to be overhauled and the annual done on the airplane. On the way the truck kept dying. It turns out it is the fuel pump is failing, and the fuel filter is clogged. The pickup tires are also bald. We just got a 55 year old tractor donated that the seat broke, the stearing mechanism broke, radiator leaks, then the bolts vibrated loose and the tires are dry rotted.The one tire has a two inch slit and the only thing keeping air in the tire is the inner tube. Then our neighbor doesn’t want us to cross through his land with our tractor so our only option is buying the land next to his which is a good deal at $1,100. We need to expand the feeding center anyway. I am not complaining because we are 10 times more productive with the tractor, but we need help to keep all of our ministries going. My car the transmission is bad and needs to be fixed. The roto tiller blew up for the second time and needed a new engine which we put on our credit card because it is planting season..

The warehouse that we rent is 4 hours away from Guatemala city and two hours from the feeding center. We so far got $1,200 donated toward expanding the back side of the hangar for a distribution center so we don’t have to keep renting space, but the total cost is $3,600. My Cousin is helping build it, so we need to keep that project going since we has a volunteer doing it.

We also have the tractor and pickup at the feeding center sitting outside and some of the tools in the outhouse and some of the tools and food in the rustic house. Some call it a shed, because there is more tools in the house than space for sleeping, but that is where I sleep. Chemicals have been bothering my eyes when I sleep in the house, so we really need to get all the farming equipment into a pole barn. The pole barn is going to cost $2,850. We have already cleared and leveled off the land for it.

Renting costs us not only rent, but a lot in gas transporting the food to feed the widows and orphans. I would just give it all away so I don´t have to pay rent, but we need to feed the widows and orphans year round as well as feeding here in the city. The wise use of Gods resources is getting the food to the most desperate situations.

Feeding Widows and orphans $500 month
Tractor Tires $200
Speaking in churches $200 month expenses
Land cleared for planting $300 in labor besides tractor
Brakes need to be overhauled airplane. $300.
Annual airplane, volunteer to Come and $500.
Fuel pump and gas filter pickup $400
Pickup tires $600.
Radiator Tractor $200 including importation
2 front Tires Tractor with inner tubes $200
Personal funds $2,000 Month
Transmission Jason´s car $900
Land Lock solution $1,100
Roto tiller engine $180
Back side of the hangar for a distribution center other person $1,200 donated, $3,600 total, $2,400 left
Pole barn $2,850.
Front end of Tressa´s car fixed $500
Employees working the feeding center and keeping this ministry going $2,800 Month
Airplane ticket and expenses to go back to the states to raise funds $1,200

Total needed right now is $18,510

Total needed long term to keep all the ministries going $7,500 per month

I do not want to call an emergency, but failure to keep everything in working condition creates emergencies. Since the general budget is never sufficient, we make do with what we have until it all is used up. I shared with many people about how Tressa´s car tires were bald. No one responded, then It rained and tried to use the brakes and three times applied the brakes smashed to front end of the car. So now we needed tires and the front end of the car fixed. My parents ended up helping with the tires. Good ol¨ mom and Pop coming to the rescue. The front end is still damaged. Every day she uses this car to drive to volunteer at the missionary kid school. There may be some of you that can help with a large sum to help get us out of this bind, but the long term solution is monthly partners to get our budget up to maintain the great difference that this ministry makes. We have been growing for eleven years and there are many people that depend on us. Please pray about your role in the kingdom. Below is the link to recent pictures and another link to do a direct deposit.

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