And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


It’s true that our biggest impact has been amidst our greatest crisis

Dear Friends and Family,
Jesus last words to humankind was to make disciples of all nations. As Christians, this is our first priority. We will continue to expand and grow and transform this world for the Lord Jesus.

We were blessed to have my cousin’s son from the States come down for 6 weeks to assist us with our different ministries. That included preaching 6 times, giving medicine and medical equipment to several village clinics that didn’t have any supplies, preaching and then giving 12,278 meals, and starting the building of a distribution center in order to have somewhere to place the food and medicines that is flowing through our ministry.

God has been doing miracles. The tractor that you see in the pictures is 54 years old. We were needing tires for it and were able to buy them for 1/2 price as a motorcycle store that we went to were liquidating the tires we needed as they were a rare size and no one wanted them! It was the only ones that were for a tractor and they were the right size. Praise God! Another praise is that someone payed to get our truck running again! How would we have been able to get the food out to the people without a miracle like that?

From our campaign in March you can see that we do a lot of evangelism, but it is balanced out with the love of Christ in caring for the physical needs, such as food to live. We just keep on growing. A midst our financial trouble we were able to make the biggest difference in peoples lives. Many of these items are donated for us to get into the hands of others and many of these things are produced at our feeding center where we grow fruits and vegetables. If we were to cancel our programs, it would take years to recuperate what we have established.

As our ministry grows so do our financial needs. We thank those who gave after our last letter, and we ask that you consider committing to a monthly support.

Click here to watch our 2 minute slide show of how in one month we’ve been able to do our part in making disciples of all nations.

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