And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


Prayer Requests

Amigos y Hermanos,

Oh sorry, thats spanish. I have been gone so long I sometimes forget to send a report and our internet has been down. Life has been good I have done five village trips back to back. I really thank all of you for believing in us to accompish the work of the ministry.

The first was to a village surrounded by water, it is kind of in a marshy area. We brought my whole family as we met with the pastors family. We are praying about a deeper commitment in starting a Christian school for kids. For the twelve surrounding villages that are in this marsh area, there is not one christian school.We have a Bible school for adults, but that is ran through the church building and only adults. Having three hundred kids that need a place to run, learn, and grow in a poor area is a whole new level of commitment. Please pray that God would open doors for Christianity in that area.

The next trip was to Tzan chaj. We had We brought supplies to the feeding center, checked on its development, and brought our recouperating addict back to the city for a 8 monh program of drug rehabilitation and every day they receive Bible classes. It is a long haul, but he will be better for it. Pray for charly that he would go forth in life following after Jesus.

The following trip was bringing teachers to the Bible school. We taught into the night, slept there and headed out in the morning. It is only a half hour flight or 4 hour drive. The school is doing great. Be praying for this pastor because a local is try to burn down there church. There roofs are made of palm leaves(very flamable). Just the day before yesterday another person poisoned his pond of fish. The pastor is a very honorable man, in there village of 2,000 there is only his church and another. So Christianity is not received as well in this area. Pray for revival in this area.

The following trip was to San Marcos where I brought some missionaries there and I spoke in one of the churches in the area. It was a wonderful service. God is using me more for counseling and guiding pastors here that I am not sure why? Please pray that God would give me wisdom and insight to give to them.

Next trip was bringing more teachers to Tzan Chaj to promote the next trimester and teach. The work of the ministry has never been more fun. Because you see the long term fruit that you have invested into. Thank you to all of you.

God bless,

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