And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Ps. 150:6

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Ps. 150:6

The widows and orphan feeding program is doing super. In July we gave out food for 122 people, planted 15 avocado trees, and bought a new chain saw to cut wood that is used for the cooking fires. We just harvested and that was divided between the widows after we shared a devotional time with them. Two days ago we personally bought over 600 pounds of food for them. If we do not help they die, because the government doesn’t help them.

This school year finds everyone in our family going to school! Tressa is volunteer teaching high school English at the school for missionary children, Zach is in 1st grade, Seth is in Kindergarten, and KayLee is in pre-school that they just started this year. It’s a fabulous school as all the teachers are there as missionaries and desire to serve the Lord. Please pray for two juniors named Isaac and Caleb. Two weeks before school started their dad, who was the director of a large orphanage, died. Academically they are doing terrific as they promised their dad to do their best, but otherwise they are struggling. Jason attends Bible School one night a week working on his doctorate. Two days ago our team taught on healing to a bunch that did not believe in healing and God healed almost all of them.

The church branch Siloe was begun by Pastor Victor who was thrown in prison by his brother. The man wouldn’t sell his land and so his brother got angry and worked it out that he was put in prison. After two years of prison an angel of the Lord came and said that he would be set free if he would promise to serve God the rest of his life. He agreed and the next day the prison guards set him free! Pastor Victor total has planted around 50 churches. We are honored to have a Bible School in one of those churches.

Just finishing yesterday we had a team come for a week. We prayed for the sick and saw hundreds of people healed. God opened the sky for us to get there and back by plane, the roads were washed out and no cars could get through, we had over 11 places where we spoke and ministered in one week. We gave about 500 tracts that explain the message of Jesus, some of them we gave in churches, marketplaces, and the streets of various towns. One man came to me as he had a growth in his stomach and his wife had pain all over her body. God healed them both and because she had diabetes, I told her to go get tested. She did and the following day the husband said the doctor said her diabetes was completely gone. His response was so funny, “now she can have coffee with sugar and coca cola.” These people cannot afford treatment and if God doesn’t step in they die.

Last year alone we spent $7,500 in gas and repairs for ministry to others. We have put a down payment on a high fuel efficiency vehicle in order to better “shepherd” the funds God has given us through you. Unfortunately the funds aren’t there, even with selling the vehicles that we had and putting the money toward a used but very low mile car that gets great gas mileage, we had no other option but to put a down payment on a car with a high interest loan. We were stuck between a spending all my energy looking for someone to pay for it or continue with ministry hoping God will touch someones heart to buy it for us. The car company is waiting for a check for $7,000.

Airplane insurance expired today and it comes to $3,500 for the year for commercial operations or $300 per month when making monthly payments. We need a sponsor for that. One of the villages that we fly into is having a great transformation. We prayed for the mayor and they said our campaign that we started two years ago called”Only faith in One God” is the reason God has transformed their community.

We have a tractor waiting at the border of Mexico for someone to bring down with me in November and we need the barn built before the arrival. The barn will be used for storing the equipment, truck, tractor, and food for distribution as well. We have a contact that donates food by the container and we just pay for the container. It costs $4,600 for shipping and taxes, and the food is free. This would feed thousands of people. We then would be able to house the food for distribution. But we need this barn built that will come to $3,700. We are also looking for the teams to help build it.

We need a missionary farmer, mission base director, nurse, and fix it man for one year commitments. The mission base is 95% done. Sometimes the last 5% costs the most. With tile, carpet, doors, sinks, cabinets it all adds up to another $5,600

We are also looking to expand the distribution center here in Guatemala with an office, bathroom place for storing donations for good administration of God’s resources such as medicine for the campaigns. This comes to $6,000, but blesses others with Hundreds of thousands of dollars of medicine.

When you add all the needs for making the greatest impact it comes to another $30,400, lots of prayers and many volunteers that are needed to make a transformational impact. We are here to transform the country

I hate to spill all this on you guys, but the work of God is dependent the response of man. God’s heart never changes, but as man prays about his involvement, man’s heart changes to receive the heart of God.

We thank you for your prayers and support, God’s work here in Guatemala couldn’t be done without you!

Take Care & God Bless,
Jason & Tressa

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