Jason: Hi! I just wanted you to know that your healing prayers were efective! On november you came to our church in Zona 3 Guatemala, and prayed for Camen Barrios who had Cirrhossis in her liver. You prayed for healing and I remember you saying that sometimes healing happens in a matter of time (not always inmediatly). And guess what? About a month ago, she went for her routinary medical visit – some test were performed and came out clean!!! No cirrhosis! The doctors and nurses could not believe their test, they accused Carmen of forgering them! How could she? She is a humble woman who can not read or write! They even threaten her to stop allowing her in Roosevelt Hospital because she was a forger! They said they would perform new test on her in a month time! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your visit to our church and for your prayers! God bless you!

Alberto Sibrián

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