Continue to pray and share the need for this land for the feeding center.  This land is important and saves our feeding center. Otherwise we are landlocked and the feeding center shuts down. So far we have recieved $3,600 designated toward the Feeding center land. The total cost is $13,000.
There are those that have designated money for the feeding center. Many of you help out with the general costs of running the ministry and the feeding center, but these are the initials of those that designated money toward the widow and orphan land. It is coming together. The owner of the land wants the full amount.

Be praying and share the need!

D.T. S1,000
G.S. $1,000
L.S. $100
B.C.C. $500
S.F. $700
M.O.M. $300

God Bless.

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