And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. Matthew 10:42


Please say a prayer before reading…

Dear Family & Friends,

It has been amazing the things that are given. God gives such good
gifts to those that ask. I have been honored for the great things that
I have done in the natural such as feeding the poor and even things
such natural things as opening Bible schools.It’s too easy to reduce
Jesus’ teaching to what is humanly possible. While I love and we are
mandated in God’s word to feed the poor and clothe the naked, it is
not complete. Jesus specifically used the term “good works” to
describe the miracles, signs, and wonders He performed. Jesus modeled
these works for us. He didn’t design a new invention or focus energy
in the silent witness concept. He healed the deaf and the blind. This
conclusion about “good works” comes from a basic study of the Gospel
of John and being suprised by God at the miracles we have seen. God
has had me healing the sick which is not possible in the natural.

The power of the gospel forces us to make a decision. When God shows
up, we can no longer practice religion, but it forces us embrace or
deny the truth in the Bible. The other day a brother from one of the
Bible schools wispers in my ear “normal blood sugar.” I asked him
what do you mean? “You prayed for me two months ago and I was testing
as to whether God really healed me and so over the last two months I
had diabetes checked three times and it is completely gone.” He was so
excited. Two weeks ago a pastors wife reported to me that a cancerous
tumor was instantly healed the same day I prayed for her.. It
completely dissolved. Then another sister said she had pain in her
head and it instantly went away and her son had pain in his shoulder
and it instantly went away. God is healing hundreds to the point of
the last three years it has been thousands.

The feeding center is doing fine, unfortunately the tropical storms
did damage quite a bit of the crops. We were still able to be a
blessing to many widows as you can see from these photos.

Just got back from teaching at another Bible school to find the entire
village was in disarray from the last tropical storm. Every house was
flooded underwater by two feet.The Bible school shrunk in number, but
is still going strong. I have seen history repeat itself the last
three years in a row with wiping out bridges, homes, and structures
that many think would not be able to be destroyed. There is no
solution other than to give hope. We just keep going forward and God
blesses us.

The feeding center desperately needs equipment for farming the land.
The needs are greater than what two full time employees can produce
when doing everything by hand.

God is way ahead of us. We have been donated a twenty foot container
of food, a tractor, a dirt hauler, and a SUV for the feeding center a
long time ago. After a year of looking for volunteers to risk there
life though through Mexico, we have decided to ship. This is tens of
thousands of dollars of supplies that can be released and distributed.
When you look at what God is doing here it is amazing considering we
started as a small mission, but have grown. It will cost us $4,500
total for shipping and importation, $1,000 for pickup and drop off of
container, $1,000 importing the SUV, and $2,000 in gas for
distributing and sharing the Love of Christ at the same time, making
each food distribution an evangelistic event to give people hope. We
make every cent count and stretch your dollar to make it go many times
farther. Since all the resources have been donated. For each dollar,
it releases many times over the value of the resource. This is way
better than a matching grant. .This is a total of $8,500 for all the
resources to be released for God’s glory.

Could each of you say a short prayer that God will provide the
finances; and what part you would have in it?

God Bless,


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