Family Mission Trip

Family Mission Trip –

Saturday March 24th – Saturday March 31st, 2018


This trip is designed for families of high school and college students and for those who wish to serve alongside families.  What better way to demonstrate what it means to be a disciple of Jesus to your children than serving on a mission team with them.  Whether leading a Vacation Bible School Program, helping with food distribution, or completing a work project, your time in service help you grow deeper in you walk with Jesus as a family.  This will be a life-changing experience for the whole family – a family that is missions minded is very powerful.

Not just another family vacation – it’s an investment in your child’s growth and spiritual development.


v  Set an example for serving God

v  Explore the gifts and callings God has for you and your family

v  Change lives and make family memories that will last a lifetime



  • Trip Dates – March 24 – March 31, 2018 (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Designed for Children 16 years or older and adult family members
  • $600 per person covers all meals, sleeping accommodations, transportation in country and supplies for work projects and programs
  • Airfare to/from Guatemala City is on your own – book now to avoid the spring break increases (roundtrip from Chicago is approximately $439)
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Winning a world to Jesus

Yeshua hamashia. I heard it plain as day. He repeated it five times that he needed Yeshua hamashia in his heart. This drunk Spanish man was declaring Yeshua which means ‘Salvation’ in Hebrew. He was claiming he needed Jesus the Messiah in his heart. The savior of the world. I asked him if he had ever been to church before. He said no . I asked him whether he has ever received Christ into his life like Romans 10:9 says, If you believe in your heart and confess with your mount that Jesus is Lord you shall be saved. He said he has never done that and needed to receive Yeshua Hamashia in his heart. So I got to pray with him and lead him to the Lord. He cried like a baby when he received Christ. It was a true conversion. He is the guy in the red shirt in the video.

One of the things that reallly touched my heart this trip was a 13 year old boy. He was limp as a noodle. He had a muscle degerative disease that over the course of time ate away all of his muscle to the point of where he was quadrapoligic. The dad said that the medicine was more than he made in a month. The disease cannot be cured, but it can be stopped from the point of when you take the medicine. It was too late for this boy. We are working on contacting manufacturers to get entire diseases stopped in third world countries. It takes time, but we can elliminate diseases. This is part of the reason we are building the feeding center for distribution in the entire country.

We also led many people to the the Lord that received Christ. As always we help widows and orphans with food and firewood, and training. We have started a new program and are in the 4th week teaching the importance of drinking clean drinking water since many say they just drink the water with parasites in it and live with the stomach pain of getting sick. James says to take care of widows and orphans is true Christianity. We are helping them with the firewood so they are healthy and strong and prevent many diseases.

Also you can see in the video that we are progressing on the feeding center. We get things done, but counld really use one time gifts and monthly support. This feeding center will be a distribution to the entire country to eliminate counrtry starvastion and put an end to diseases.

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Typical life on mission field

We have a misison trip coming up September 23rd through September 30th. This trip will be focussed on building the warehouse and praying for the sick. We always see many receive the Lord as well. The others have purchased their tickets coming out of Chicago, buty you are welcome to purchase from any airport and any location. So far their are two people coming that will be arriving on Sat Sept 23rd at 1:03pm on AA1603 in Guatemala and leave Guatemala Saturday Sep. 30th on 2:35pm on AA2535.This is a open trip and all are welcome to participate. Our only requirement is that you fill out an application. The trip cost is $600 for the week everything included from when you arrive.


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Mission group

We just had a group of 40 volunteers. In this one week between all  we ministered 16 times, handed out 2,914 color illustrated Bibles, delivered 100 pounds of other Christian literature, gave 960 eggs to widows and gave 1050 pounds wood, Split 3,000 pounds of firewood, and mixed  pounds of concrete block, cement, sand, dirt, trees, stumps, and the list goes on.
Now I am living out at the feeding center and need everyones cooperation. The entire feeding center which consists of a distribution center/warehouse and mission house costs $200,000. The warehouse is $100,000 and the misison house costs $100,000 to build. So far for the warehouse  the 65 foot long door was donated and construction has advanced by this past group of 40. We do not have any other construction teams lined up. We do however have 13 guatemalan workers, when  they finish the warehouse they will move on to the next house they are building.  We need finances now. This is not a shock to you all since for the last year I have been promoting this at the end of each of our videos. I am moving out there until the distribution center is built, So far we have gotten $25,000 of the $100,000 in supplies and cash donated specifically for the distibution center. We still need $75,000. All of this is while we continue to do our ministry that we have built up for the last 16 years.

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All donations aquired and ready to go

The bus is loaded up with donations. Right now I am in Texas where it is really hot and sunny. I am at max weight for both the bus and the trailer. Please be praying for us as we drive through the mountains. We already know there are sections that we will need to get towed through since the incline is so steep. Be praying that we would not break down and that God would give us Divine connections to get through safely and efficiently. Today I pick up a volunteer in Texas that will be driving with me. I am very concerned about finances since it will cost $800 in taxes for bus, $1,300 in taxes for the trencher backhoe, $1,000 for construction material taxes, $1,500 in gas, $250 in tolls, $500 in taxes trailer, $1,300 in permits. It is one step of faith to get the donations and another to get it delivered.  We cross three country borders. It is a 5 day journey from Texas if everything goes well. Please pray that the money will come in since we are crossing through the borders. I ended up needing two tires for the trencher/backhoe since one went flat and they were in bad shape which came to $470. Total cost will be $6,520.


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Mission trip / Driving to Guatemala

Finished another successful misison trip. We had 5 evangelists and one pastor come on a misison trip with us. It was amazing since they came expecting good things and what they saw was great God things. Life is good and God is great. I am preparing for a team of 40 and another team of 8 in June. Below is a video of the last trip. We ministered to 6,000 people in one week.

We are advancing greatly, but there are some things that we are still in need of. One of those items is a riding lawn mower with a bagger. We want to collect up the grass clippings to feed the animals and it is so much that we need a rider. The animals produce the food to feed the widows and orphans. It is $2,649 for a new one that can cut the entire airstrip and feed many animals. This is a name brand with a 23HP engine. I have the school bus seats removed all ready to transport the mower. If someone has a used riding mower with bagger we would gladly receive it or if someone could sponsor one.  We also need a complete solar system for our mission base. Our electric bill is $370 per month for our mission base. Which is a expense that we cannot afford anyway. We need a sponsor to add a complete solar system to our mission base. In Guatemala we pay 380% more than you pay in the states per kilowatt. This auction is selling a kit that will go for $5,500. Now is the time since I am bringing a bunch of supplies that will be brought down by trailer. Also I am looking for someone to go with me on such a big trip to drive to Guatemala. It takes 5-7 days depending on having two drivers. Anyone will do. I would just like someone to go with me on this trip. It would be best to meet up in Chicago  or Texas since it is partially on the way.  No need for a bus license. I am ready to go as early as a week, but would be willing to wait for someone to go with if they could come at a later day.  Friday or Saturday would work best.

Please respond if you may be able to help with any of these projects.

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We have been going forward in ministry making the greatest impact that I never thought was possible. We are helping Guatemala be the greatest light in the world for Jesus. Last week we gave away 680 Illustrated Bibles for children. We preached  in many locations. See the exciting video to witness the great work that is being done.  We have resources to receive Christian material, Bibles, Medicine and food, but have no place to receive them. We need a distribution warehouse out at the feeding center where we will be impacting the nation, so this nation can impact the world. Maybe you have or know of someone that could help us. I will be coming back to the states to get supplies for building a warehouse. One of the things we need desperately is a backhoe under 10,000 pounds. I found one for $4,000 but I didn’t have the money. I already have a way to get the donations to Guatemala. I will be  driving a school bus with a trailer to pick up supplies. Someone also donated an empty semitrailer for getting construction supplies down here. We need metal rods, electrical tubing, underground wire, cement, block, tin, etc. some things could be purchased in Guatemala if the money was donated. To hook up electric is going to cost $1,500, water $600, cement $10,000, drainage $600, recycle tank for water collection $1,000, etc.  What can you do to help us help Guatemalans?

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Saving lives is what we are about

I remember the first time that I saved people lives. I landed the airplane and 100 people ran to the airplane for just a chance of food . That month at least 4,000 people would have died if humanitarian aid had not come through and we direct ly save at tleast a 100. I remember the first time 100’s of people received Christ saving there spiritual life all at one time where 1500 people came to the conference. People are the most important resource in this world. If you look at what Jesus said, “He said love God and love your neighbor as you self. Not all of life is natural, but also life is spiritual. We at Life Builders international help the body, soul, and mind. Sometimes we are teaching basic nutrition, hygiene, and People are a primary concern of God.

Last week we qave out 120 Bibles, 800 pounds of Christian material, preached twice, had a pastors conference, Took care of some widows and orphans, fixed some things at the feeding center, and did the annual inspection on our airplane.

Each person does their part to make a difference. We need your participation as we are building a feeding center and maintaining the help that we are helping others.

Here is last weeks mission

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Where is the cement?

Life is great. Just leveled 8 feet by 67 feet more to the land for construction.The structure in 67 feet by 80 feet. We are ready to start building. Just one thing missing. THE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. We will need cement, electrical, block, etc. Since it is too expensive to ship, we will be buying the supplies here. It will cost $200,000 to build the facility. Please designate extra support for this project. It will be a huge blessing impacting people all over central America with food, Bibles, and medicines. As always it is all about Jesus.

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Breaking ground at feeding center

Life is good and God is great. We finally got the skid steer out to the feeding center. We broke ground to level the land. We lowered one corner by 12 feet. We delivered $16,000 in Bibles and $2,400 in Christian material, and 900 pounds of firewood. The communists ended up pulling us out of the dirt where we got stuck 3 times on our way to minister in a small village. I always remember a frase that someone told me a long time ago. “The Christians taught us to read and the communists gave us the books.” The point of this is that it is very important to develop peoples minds to have God’s perspective. We are filling peoples minds with God’s perspective on life through distributing Christian material. The warehouse will be this beginning stage to helping an entire nation with food, Bibles, and medicine. It will cost $200,000 for the complete warehouse including electric, water, office, and rooms.



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