We arrived safely – Thank you for praying for us

It was quite a trip. Click our video to Watch video to see all the miracles of God. Or you can click the other video to see how the protest affected the nation of Mexico. We had complete favor of God and even when our trailer fell off the hitch it could not have been at a better time. We even had a government official receive Christ when we entered the country of Guatemala.

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Merry Christmas 2016

What a year! We are so thankful for God’s mercy and grace that he extends to us daily!

We have been so excited to see the feeding center explode with Chickens! Last January we picked up and cared for 100 chicks. They all grew up and started producing eggs. Later on in the year we ordered 200 more chicks and then 300 more. The main thing lacking in widows and orphan’s diet is protein. So this program will be expanded to provide meat for the widows and orphans.  With much blessing comes greater responsibility. Now we have to feed them.  Life Builders is now helping widows in two villages with eggs, vegetables, and fire wood. We are a blessing unto the entire nation giving over 395,000 meals since 2009 including helping another Guatemalan open his own feeding center.  We love being God’s hands and seeing how God takes care and loves widows and orphans!

Life Builders hosts “Packing Parties for Bibles and Christian material”! We’ve had lots of people help us with creating love packs for the persecuted Christians in Chiapas Mexico. So far we have delivered 800 bags that weigh 35 pounds each. Each bag has a value of $300. Our prayer is to encourage and bless our brothers in Chiapas.

This last year Jason kept busy with teams that came down from the United States, continued making a transformational difference in peoples lives with helping develop new ministries. Jason and the teams traveled all over the country, preaching, praying for the sick, and praying for those in prison and prostitute houses. This last trip that the video shows of one person on a mission trip. Jason had a drunk guy come up to him for money. Jason told him no, but I’ll pray for you. The drunk guy totally cried out to God, balled like a baby , and  accepted Jesus into his heart. Another drunk guy came over and said pray for me too. The same thing happened to him. The power of God came on him in repentance and he gave his heart to the Lord.

We also did evangelism at the Oshkosh airshow this last July. It was a huge success. We were able to bring the whole family to share about Christ. The kids are now in 3rd, 4th and 6th grades.  Zach and KayLee are the social butterflies and are always ready for a party, Seth is a deep thinker and full of questions. Tressa is volunteer teaching English 9, 11, and AP English 12. Two students are new to her classes so it’s been a lot of extra work as she figures out the new curriculum. All our kids are at the missionary kid school.

Life Builders is expanding the feeding center in order to reach more people. We are really looking for one year commitments to help us out with a lot of hard work that brings blessings to thousands.

We pray you have a Merry Christmas full of the presence of God and that your year 2017 is blessed with health and the joy of the Lord!

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One life could be the one that brings transformation

A lot is going on. We are trying to get things stabilized and are looking for one year volunteers. We have up and downs on the mission field. Here we are at 775 bags of Christian material that is being sent to an are that murders Christians. The Chickens are being raised for eggs and meat that widows and orphans would starve to death if we were not helping. We just keep plugging along and it all seems to work out in the end. Shortly I am bringing ministry supplies down for the year and need about $6,000 for the trip and buying supplies. We are bringing A 12 passenger van filled with supplies for a group of 10 that are staying with us for 2 months, a skid steer and much equipment that is needed for building the feeding center.  This is a small sector of the world impact that this ministry is making. We still need more people to respond.

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It was a great time clebrating Thanksgiving. One of the most sad times for misisonaries is Thanksgiving. We have found that it is hard for many new missionaries since they miss family at this time. One of the traditions we have had is buying a turkey for missionaries and those that have no family in country to celebrate with. Last year we had to collect money from each of the missionaries to pay for it, but the previous two years we were able to sponsor one. This year it looked like we were going to have to charge missionaries for a turkey meal. It just didnt seem right to charge people to come to a thanksgiving meal and we were unable to sponsor it. I was able to raise the money to help those that are helping others. It was a great time and the missionaries really appreciated it.

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Rallying call to all supporters

I am bringing a 12 passenger van totally loaded with ministry supplies down from Minnesota with a bobcat that we desperately need for the feeding center. We have a group of 12 staying with us for two months helping our ministry and another. They will need our van to go into a high risk neighborhood in Zone 18. They are doing what I have been preaching for years. “If you want to make the greatest difference; you must go where the greatest needs are.” Our goal is to load up the van with supplies that we need. I have already bought my ticket for Dec. 6th and have a volunteer who is driving with me so it only takes 5 days instead of 7 days to drive to Guatemala.

Our list of items needed are:
Chicken plucker machine since we have 540 chickens for eggs and we need another food source for the widows. 20 seconds with machine and 2 hours by hand
http://www.ebay.com/…/New-Chicken-Plucker-Mac…/262703975750… $520
Plate compactor or dirt compactor $700 for building warehouse at feeding center
Trencher for running water tubing for the avocado trees that provide Omega 3 in the widow and orphan’s diets
Stump grinder for when we harvest the trees for firewood for the widows
Tires for Bobcat $810
Flywheel $100 used
Muffler Bobcat $44
Wheel seals (2) $116
Bearing cup (2) $62
Nair ministry pickup supplies $150
Fuel pump Bobcat ? estimated $200
Bendix Zenith Carburetor Price ? $400
Motorola alternator? $170
Tolls $350
Gas to get to Guatemala $1,000
Permits $600
Importation of van $1,200
Importation of ministry supplies 15% of value, but way cheaper than other options, Approximately $350
importation of Bobcat $250
Someone to help the mechanic in Prior lake, MN get the Bobcat ready
Someone to drive to pick up items purchased or donated. Send me an email

So adding up estimated costs it will be $6,322 that we need to find or buy. If anyone has any of these items used we would gladly accept them.

Running a ministry can be overwhelming at times and we really need your help in times like this.

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Guess what you did?

The widows and orphans program is a huge success. We really want to thank
everyone that helped us along the way with resources and prayers to make
this happen. It is because of you that people live. It is because of you
that souls are being saved. It is because of you that we are able to
continue this program. Watch the video to see how the feeding center has
grown. It is a blessing to be a blessing. We have blessed so many people as
a result of your believing in us.

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Tremendous Week

What an exciting week! We serve a great God and I love serving Him here in Guatemala.
I was able to go minister to the northeastern part of Guatemala. It was a 40 minute flight instead of a 8 hour drive over roads that tear apart your vehicle.Last time I drove that route it took 13 hours because of a car accident of someone else had. Then after the ministry that we did, I flew the two volunteers to Comalapa and finished the trip making stop at the feeding center. It was a great trip. The best part of this trip were the eternal decisions made by both adults and kids to accept Jesus as their savior. Nothing beats their smiles that reaches into their eyes once they know Jesus. Click on the video to see a tremendous trip. 

Help us with reaching others for Jesus? Just go to our web page that is listed below and click on How Can I Help?

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Oshkosh 2016

We had a wonderful time sharing about Jesus and our ministry here in Guatemala at the Oshkosh airshow. We finally got a video done to show what we did. 30 people prayed either for salvation or re-dedicated their lives, Praise the Lord! In the short video below you can see pictures of the airshow. Our chickens at the feeding center are producing eggs! We are so excited to be able to distribute eggs as well as firewood and other vegetables to the widows who can’t afford these basic needs. We now have widows coming from 2 impoverished villages on two different days for eggs! The other days are for distribution of firewood and fruits and vegetables.

Thank you for your support, this couldn’t happen without you!

Right now we are gearing up to build a facility at the feeding center.

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The best mom you can have is a one that wants to take care of you. My grandma was divorced because my grandpa was shot in the head during World War II and he went crazy. I also came from a broken home as my dad left when I was only five. My mom struggled to work and take care of my brother and me. It was very hard for her and us. I remember one time my grandma was watching us and she asked to borrow $1.60 from me to buy us ice cream for all of us. I opened up my piggy bank and lent her the money. I was just a kid, so I was embarrassed to ask her again for the money. I always thought she was embarrassed that she did not have the money to repay me. She never offered to repay me and I never asked. 

This is probably the reason it touches my heart to care for widows taking care of their Grand kids. The widows and orphans program gives eggs to widows so that they do not need to send their Grand kids to an orphanage. The majority of the widows in this area care for their grandchildren as their parents died in Hurricane Stan or have gone away to work. We do not sell anything at the feeding center, but 100% goes to help Widows and orphans. This gives widows the opportunity to care for their grandchildren and keep the family functional and whole. This distribution was 390 eggs. God has more in store as we are growing this program to 300 chickens.

A high priority to God is taking care of widows and orphans. James 1:27 talks about taking care of widows and orphans being true Christianity.13308209_1021235707924112_7822843701172785818_o 13340183_1021235717924111_4657709315497263698_o

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What’s heavier; Christian literature or firewood?

When you have a heavy bag of food to carry, how do you do it? Is there a food that you eat daily? How do you prepare that food? In the attached video you’ll see those answers for the typical Guatemalan and the answer is nothing like what we do in the U.S.!

We love having you who live in the United States come to Guatemala for a mission trip. It’s wonderful getting the opportunity to share first hand what we see, hear and touch, all the time. Is it time for you to come? We are especially looking for one year commitments. Pray about it!

God continues to have us touch Guatemalans in several different ways.We have Guatemalans reaching out to Mexico where there is huge persecution. One thing we’ve learned, God loves people and wants relationship with them! It doesn’t matter to Him who or what, He’s always reaching out. The question for ourselves is, are we responding? Are we being the body of Christ so He can reach out in a myriad of ways? We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Will you help us reach out to the Guatemalans with Christ’s love? We can do that with your prayers, your monthly giving, and you coming down to Guatemala on a mission.

Thank you.

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